Companies are always in the race to develop and sell high-quality and cost-competitive products for themselves and others with a final aim to acquire a profitable and market-leading status but are subjected to the fast, ever-changing and ever-growing dynamics of the world of the Organic Chemistry industry and its various branches . Even though India is one of the top 6 producers of organic chemicals worldwide, it is seen that process Research and Development in the field of Organic Chemicals is still lacking in requisite growth.

To address such issues that are faced by various Companies, the requirement for a trustworthy process Research & Development partner was critical. In order to address this scarcity SARA RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER PVT LTD was established in the year 1993 by its Founder and Managing Director with the intention of offering cost-effective and novel Process Research & Development consulting services to its clients having presence in various branches of organic chemistry based out of India and other nations across the globe.

In order to further assist its clients in overcoming scale-up and commercialization challenges and shorten the time between lab development to commercial production, SARA built its in house one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge Plant in 2004. In 2018, SARA further expanded its business to include the production of Specialty Chemicals and Performance Chemicals requiring the use of highly sophisticated and complex processes.

Mission & Vision

To comprehend the clients’ requirements, to hear their grieviences and to recommend a course of action for their products.

To propose ideas for clean, green, and cost-effective chemistry that can be applied to any product that our clients entrust us with in order to meet their needs.

To create cost and quality competitive Specialty Chemicals and Performance Chemicals via efficient chemical synthesis.

To be a one-stop shop for clients who require process research or redevelopment for their products.

To support clients in achieving their required targets and helping them in transitioning their new generated chemical process from lab scale to that at the commercial scale.

To be a trusted, dependable and reputed supplier of Speciality Chemicals & Performance Chemicals to Major organisations in India and around the world

Why Us?

Years of Experience

Products Manufactured

R&D Projects

Countries Catered

  •   SARA takes pride in its ever-expanding team of chemists and engineers who are working tirelessly to build synthetic chemical processes using the most up-to-date functional group analysis with retrosynthetic disconnection approach and latest scale up process modules.
  •   Thermodynamic and material balance simulation of the reaction process with rate reaction analysis.
  •   Process evaluation that considers alternative/multidirectional route analysis based on resource availability to provide a practical solution to the industry’s constantly changing needs.
  •   Data collection and scale-up analysis, including hazop, what-if analysis which enables smooth scale-up.
  •   Process modification and adherence to worldwide accepted guidelines of green chemistry.
  •   Research & Development and Manufacturing of premium high-grade molecules using cutting edge process selection and optimal quality parameters for the Speciality Chemicals manufactured inhouse.

Our Individuality

  • SARA is a novel organization having personnel with key analytical thought process as well having a dedicated that make us different.
  • SARA always works on an agreement or contract basis & maintains total secrecy of the work being done for the client.
  • For SARA works on focus driven requirements of the customer’s needs while developing a chemical processes.
  • All of SARA’s personnel, strive hard to ensure novelty is always met while developing a product
  • SARA always works in sync with the customer demands, ensuring total visibility, transparency and clarity
  • SARA chooses and helps direct the customers to the best products & processes that can make the client capitalize on the market.
  • SARA aims to provide the most unique route of synthesis along with Green Chemistry options by reducing effluents, & also try to bypass the use of hazardous processes and chemicals.
  • SARA can help the clients choose its needs for scale up and also determine between batch & continuous process.
  • SARA has a state-of-the-art Plant that is used for scale up to help assist the client for understanding of the process on a miniature plant version. This in turn clears all possible bottlenecks and assisting easy scale up on plant level.
  • SARA assists the client in all possible junctures from idea development to commercial grade scale production.

Our Offerings

SARA, with more than 28 years of work experience in the field of process chemistry along with a strong and wide customer base and advanced technological knowledge is currently offering three parallel business models.



SARA offers its unique Contract Research services (CRO) for Research & Development in the field of Organic Process Chemistry. SARA under this service strives to provide a unique, market and environmentally accepted process for any Organic product assigned to it by its clients. SARA has also widened its purview to include ideology for turnkey services such as scale-ups and providing detailed assistance to work on batch and continuous plant modification in furtherance to process research & development at Lab scale so as to have a limited turnaround time for scale up at the clients plant.


SARA manufactures key Speciality Chemicals & Performance Chemicals in a scale of few grams to multi-Kilograms for our worldwide clients. These products are used in various key applications in Industries such as Advance Speciality Chemicals, Flavour & Fragrances Chemicals, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals. SARA also has started work on development of General and Pharma impurities which are hard to get by in the commercial market. In addition to its current product basket SARA is working on other new products to add to its Commercial pipeline.



SARA offers its Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) section at its site that helps the cliental with Process Research & Development and manufacturing of Specialty and Performance Chemicals in multi grams to multi kilogram scale as per the product and quantity requirement of the clients on a contractual basis. This division focuses on the production of molecules with extremely complex chemistry and multistage synthesis that fall under the category of organic compounds and which are not easy for clients to procure or produce.

We Provide

  • Literature survey & scanning, relevant data search, multi schematic preparation and optimum route evaluation of any chemical prior to synthetic study.
  • Preparation of alternative synthesis routes for new process patents for existing organic products.
  • Detailed synthetic study of a product for process development of multistep synthesis or evaluation / restructuring of its processes provided by the client.
  • Trouble shooting of existing processes vis-à-vis current knowledge base in synthetic, analytical, effluent and green chemistry routes.
  • Turnkey solutions for batch or continuous plants.
  • Material development for various branches of Organic chemistry such as Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Fine Chemicals, Bulk Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, F&F chemicals etc under international contract. This includes development of state of art process technology for our clients.
  • Manufacturing and distribution of grammes to multiple kilos of various high-value, low- volume Speciality & Performance chemicals from our plant that involve sophisticated chemistry and multistage process requirements.

Countries Served

  • America
  • India
  • Korea
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • South Eastern Asia
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